2018, 2019, 2020

Amsterdam Fast Food, Studio G, Sektor Restaurant, Helveticode, Biznis Bazar, NS Virtual, HÜNI AG

The company logo represents an additional way of introducing and representation of the company business by setting the logo as a visual tool we describe and give the association of the company that we present. Being unique, easily recognizable and memorable is what we are guided by when creating a logo design.


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Date 2018 - Clients Piega AG, Studio G, HÜNI AG Description In order to provide information about the products you want to offer, we are able to create interesting, specially designed, professional brochure. The brochure is the most common material Read more

Studio G

Date 2020 Client Studio G Description Studio G is a studio for interior design, 3d design, and consulting. We created the logo with special attention and emphasis on modernity. Taking care that Studio G does not completely change its recognizable Read more


Date 2020 Client Sektor - Restaurant and bar Description We have created a completely new visual identity for the restaurant and bar Sector. The direction that accompanies this visual identity is modern, minimalist, and geometric. Guided by this, we created Read more


Date 2017 - Client HÜNI AG Description Poster design is an effective way of presenting products or ideas. We are able to create an advertising poster that will not be just temporary product promotion. With innovative ideas and the application Read more

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