Deltacque, HÜNI AG

3D system visualisation and presentation can really make the system stand out. Sometimes it is much easier creating an actual system in 3D software than being able to photograph and describe the whole system in the real world


Related works

Product usage

Date 2019 Clients Clustertec AG, HÜNI AG Description Device interconnection in complex systems can be quite challenging to present. We achieved this with simplistic 3D models, accompanied with clean typographic explanations. These clean looking, isometric 3D visualization proved to be Read more


Date 2019. Clients HÜNI AG Description In this video animation is shown development through the history of the company. Animation was made based on 2D Visual explaining the capacity of Hüni group. Environment and movements were created using 3D software. Read more

Products presentation

Date 2018 Clients Various Description Today's industry and the digital world are inconceivable without 3D presentation. 3D design is being used in film industry, medicine, architecture, engineering and others. To create stunning product presentations, we follow latest trends in modeling, Read more


Date 2020 Clients Finguide AG Description FinGuide AG is a Swiss public company. This video animation shows the business model of this company and how does the search for the best private bank or the best independent asset manager work. Read more

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