The client had designed 2 skyscrapers which he wanted to show in a real-life city environment, to produce a video presentation. This presentation would then be shown around and get the kind of customers our client was aiming for. The goal was to best present the characteristics of the skyscrapers in the adapted environment, where the buildings are projected in neverseen-
before surroundings.


Finding the yin to our project’s yang was as important as finding the right clothing fit. Therefore, choosing the right city model for the skyscrapers’ environment became the biggest challenge for us. It’s because there weren’t many models available that were to the client’s liking. Hence, 2 different city models were selected and merged. Extensive modelling was necessary due to the lack of decent textures.
Once we achieved that, presenting the 3D skyscrapers with a potential setting was our next move for which we needed to find an adequate space to place the client’s models. Due to the narrow terrain in the model, we needed to create a foundation to equalize the ground level. The foundation needed to also comply with the skyscrapers’ design.


The client received a complete real-life 3D city model with integrated skyscrapers. It was delivered in the Twin motion software, which gave them the freedom of further adapting and using it for any purpose they might require. This solution gave them the freedom to further modify the 3D model and build something else in due course of time. Our seamless strategy and execution
resulted in a terrific presentation that was liked by the client and the customers.


3D Animation