The Latest and Greatest in Product Presentation and Technology: AR & VR

Organizations all over the world are overcoming challenges every day and investing more time in research and development. Although the process has improved over time, we cannot say confidently that innovation is taking the limelight. In such situations, awareness and a strong hold on technology are essential. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are reenabling decision makers to become more flexible and intuitive when designing a product.

Let’s have a look at how these technologies are leading to better results and why every business needs it:

Enhanced interaction with products

Interacting with a new product has become convenient with the help of AR and its applications. It’s an efficient and practical solution that can be used even before a product is ready to launch. This gives a fair chance to everyone involved in the project while pitching to the customers.

Increased flexibility with prototypes

It’s not every day that you can create new products and their multiple prototypes for testing. The process involves a lot of back and forth along with the desired roadmap. Augmented and virtual realities allow various experimentation with ideas during the early stages of development.

Improved collaboration

Once a concept is envisioned, it requires planning at every stage which can only be achieved through meticulousness. In this particular case, AR makes collaboration easier because not every member has to be in the same environment to suggest their changes. Even if the team is scattered in different parts of the world, they can reach the destination with the help of efficient optimization.

Identifying flaws at an early stage

Once 3D-enabled models are formed for a particular product, the R&D team can suggest their inputs and identify loopholes. AR, with the help of a virtual twin, identifies technical glitches or imperfections at an early stage. The AR-controlled environment offers a risk-free zone to optimize and test a product without creating a physical version.

Industries and businesses these days are investing their resources to get the best technology on board for their brand, which was not the case a few years ago. People were apprehensive about the nature of these technologies and how they would behave – whether they would help cut down costs or increase them in the long run. They need a concise answer. The scepticism is justified because every new concept needs a trial-and-error stage to come winning with flying colours.

AR not only provides a simulated platform but also enables large-scale facilities and complex structures to find practical solutions. At BOM Solutions, we aim to design an answer for you that can be presented in a vivid and immersive way.  Whether you’re new in the game or have been trying for quite some time, we can take it a step further through our simplified and more engaging processes.