3D Interactive Game



Among so many games already available online, it was a tough task to create something completely new and inimitable. We had to create an interactive on-spot game in which the user can interact with the virtual space using physical objects. The game aims to entertain the users by providing them with the opportunity to win the game and get a reward. The gamification should be intuitive and easy to play, with the programmed system behind running all the logic.


We did the required research and came up with a prototype consisting development and core programming of the entire game.
It was then converted into a presentation after we created the algorithm that makes the winning randomized and not affected
by a combination of cubes. Ultimately, we designed 3D modelling of the game segments and animated them in Unity software after which users could grasp the required knowledge and play this game the way they want to.


Our client had a vision in mind when they approached us and our job was to create an interactive on-spot game with all the visual elements corresponding with their branding. We treated each element separately and evaluated what would make this experience extraordinary, while also making the game exceptional.