Aluvy Barbeque



The challenge lies in demonstrating the actual fireplace to potential customers in a way that enables them to envision and relish the experience of having it in their own living space. Due to its size and transportation requirements, showcasing the product can be quite tricky. However, presenting the product in a realistic manner is crucial to help customers picture how it would actually look and feel in their home.


We have developed a 3D model that allows customization of stone and steel types as well as size configuration. In addition, we integrated a fire animation to increase the realism of the product for potential customers.


The client received a configurable 3D model that is also presented on a webpage that was specially created to resemble the client’s original website. The client is now able to present the product in their customer’s original surroundings, or any place they find suitable, which opens many new pitching opportunities. A potential buyer now has the ability to see the product in its true size in their backyard with help of AR technology, without the necessity of coming to the showroom.