Maxbet – Employee Training



From punching in for work to exploring the workplace and its various arenas, an employee training video supported by VR is what our client expected. We were on board with the idea and just like them, we also wanted to give a modern spin to the whole experience of an employee’s first day at work. Our goal was to introduce the job applicants to the processes and the workflow through a simulating VR environment so that later on, they can be assessed on how they apply the learned procedures.


Incorporating VR technology into the training process was our first step. We created a VR app for HTC Vive to provide interactive audio and visual content, which simulates every single process and realistic situation the candidate needs to pass. The application is implemented in the real-life work environment and the inventory that the potential employees are going to work with.


The hiring process had been expedited and the employees have a better understanding of the workflow, which enables them to start working independently. This is exactly why we need technology and innovative ways to minimize the effort and time spent on a single employee when they can learn on their own. And hey, it’s more enjoyable too!