VR in real estate



Our client wanted to showcase the USP of working with them and how their team can design the house of people’s dreams. It was all about finding a way to improve the communication between the interior design studio and its customers. The goal was to enable the visualization of their customers’ future projects and keep the creative essence alive while doing so.


We took it from there and worked on designing a 3D modelling video to replicate their ideas. It helped us and our client explore new depths of different angles, which ultimately facilitated the customers to judge and invest accordingly. We created a VP application which provided an insight into the desired customer’s space which is the project objective. It enables the customer to implement the changes (object positions, flooring and wall colours, furniture material, texture and colours, etc) and experience their effect in real-time.


Instead of multiple renders, technical drawings and complex documentation, the customers can get almost a real feeling of their space and implement the wanted changes without a time delay. The 3D video makes them feel like they are a part of a particular
apartment and can take a tour at their leisure.