Medela – Prototype



A machine like Medela comes with detailing and functioning that only an expert can comprehend. Thus, when this product needed detailing through video simulation, our job was to go through each section and pick out variables to make a 3D video. Showcasing the product prototype with all the functionalities and visual characteristics was our goal and also the biggest roadblock since it had multiple utilities.


Considering the nature and scalability of Medela, we decided to create a 3D model of the product. On top of that, we incorporated an interactive video with an added “explode” feature. This feature enables the preview of all the parts and general functioning of the product. Once a user sees the explosion of services, they can figure out how the machine performs with all its parts in place.


The biggest advantage of such 3D simulation and modelling videos is that the client can show this presentation to their target customers, without having to carry the product with them. This gives them an edge over their competitors. We delivered a 3D interactive animation, which they could use for presenting their product, even before the actual production has started.