Deltaque interactive system



The client needed to show the functioning of a large and complex system so that he could present it to potential customers and explain the purpose of its implementation in the wastewater treatment industry. Since our client’s system is so enormous, we were required to animate everything, including all the elements that contribute to making this water treatment plant a success. That doesn’t sound easy, right? It wasn’t.


Our mission was to visualize a difficult system and present it in a 3D interactive animation. Each segment of the process was modelled in 3D and explained in detail so that the process becomes a kind of easy seminar for those who do not know this subject. Through the interactive features, it is possible to see how the different parameters affect the final level of water purity,
maximizing the disintegration of polluted parts.


The client is now able to present a highly complex system in an amusing way, which is also simple to remember. This 3D interactive video animation is an excellent sales and marketing tool, displaying how Deltacque improves the performance of a treatment plant. This in turn helped the brand become more prominent in the industry and acquire target customers.