Huni Hairsec 2500



This machine, Hairsec 2500, is used in the tanning industry so the work process is quite complicated for a layman. Our challenge was to present the process of this machine easily and smartly, without compromising on its quality and brand ethos. Apart from that, the product and brand should also come across as innovative without pushing a customer to buy it.


When machines like Hairsec 2500 are designed and conceptualized, their smallest details are taken into consideration.
Simply because the machine cannot function without them. Hence, our team needed to get the data right and combine it
with the functionalities. Once we were done with the research, we created a 3D model with detailed inner parts, which are animated to show the fluid’s movement through the machine system.


Not every buyer is well-versed with the technical terms. We created a presentation that is used for simply explaining the process which would normally not be visible or easy to understand, to the potential customer. The self-explanatory video shows how this invention works and how can one utilise it to its optimum potential, using 3D product simulation.