Weber Flux Treatment



Explaining a long process – irrespective of its nature and brand – is not an easy task. The presentation has to be captivating and conversational for customers to know what they are going to invest in. In this case, we had to show a detailed process by giving our client an option to define the most important segments of the process. Animating, and bringing it alive in 3D took its time but needless to say, the effort was worth it.


We started by creating a 3D video animation that explains the whole process of a “hot dip” galvanizing plant that removes iron from the flux bath. Our approach was to present each system element as a 3D model and merge them into one animated process, implementing sound and other visual effects to show the process simulation.


Eventually, the 3D animated video that we created is used as a presentation tool, explaining the specific process that the client offers to his potential customers. Such tools are fundamental to a brand’s future and building a pathway to more collaborations and getting new customers.