Nikea’s Skyscrapers exterior



Bringing a client back for another collaboration is something that is very flattering, but often requires even more responsibility. Our client Nikea has already presented his very unique and beautiful two skyscrapers in a real-life environment as video animation, and this time, he wanted to present all the possibilities that this shape of a building offers. As the skyscraper is consisting of four levels, each level of the building should have been presented in a different way. A video animation presenting the scenes during the day and then during the evening would show the exterior of the client’s buildings in the best possible way.


Bringing a digital project to life with incredible details is always challenging. To have animations with a lot of 3D models, animated 3D models, reflecting real-life situations is not an easy job. The video must be high quality and the movement of objects needs to be smooth. We know how dedicated we have to be to create high-quality videos.
We wanted to make sure that each floor- level was presented in detail as the client requested. We took a deep dive into the lighting of the scenes. This is what makes the environments special, so the special attentions were to present the lighting and shadows, as the scenes are outdoors, and natural light is what makes these environments special.


We took the challenge of presenting the skyscrapers’ outdoor levels in a way our client requested, and as a result, we delivered video animation. We worked on the lightening, shadows and contrasts creating a pleasant and informative video for our client.