Pontoon House



Bor Plastika wanted to build an energy-efficient pontoon house that can be used by their customers for various purposes, including a vacation, team building exercise or just for someone who wants to enjoy solitude. Thus, they wanted to showcase the
pontoon house and its accessories which ensures sustainability to attract like-minded customers. This is where we stepped in and designed a 3D model of the client’s ideas with an inclusive approach and technological innovations.


By adopting a methodology of ‘product first”, we decided to pick every detail and convert it into a video presentation. Our team took into consideration the target audience and created an animated 3D video of the pontoon house with its interior to see how it corresponds with the natural environment, to best present the product. Each object in the animation was separately modelled,
animated and later on merged into a single video animation. 3D modelling is an intelligent step to cut down unnecessary construction costs and finalize a product only after it has passed all the parameters by the owners.


The possibility to visualize a futuristic project is essential in the architecture industry. This 3D animated video enables our client to communicate his future project to his potential customer or investor. A customer is always sceptical about what their product is going to look like after construction, and by eliminating these doubts, we are saving a lot of time and effort. This is what our goal is at BOM Solutions and we create outstanding products, all according to our client’s expectations.