LoveBridge – Metaverse


There’s no dearth of innovation and one of them is LoveBridge, where love locks never disappear. Since a lot of locations in the real world are being renovated and prohibited for certain purposes, our client came up with the concept of presenting more than 37,000 photographs and 37,000 digital assets as NFTs on a never-ending bridge- LoveBridge. They required that NFTs should be
listed on OpenSea and displayed on the LoveBridge. Sounds like a cakewalk but it wasn’t.


The virtual bridge will act as a virtual gallery, displaying all the NFTs. To achieve the never-ending effect, we developed a system for a procedurally generated 3D environment based on the user’s position (as the user is walking on the bridge, the elements gradually appear in front of him, while the ones behind him disappear).

Each of the NFTs has its designated ID and position on the bridge, where it can be seen by any other passing user, including the owner.


We designed a LoveBridge Metaverse that showcases more than 70,000 NTFs with the ability for users to buy spaces on the bridge, upload their own NFTs and list them for sale. This ecosystem is a great way to demonstrate all the digital assets while keeping alive the essence of the brand.