In the present-day scenario, it’s not new for a person to get a body part replaced with technology. Be it a hand/arm orthoses or a corset, our client has a myriad of products to choose from, fusing with the ever-evolving modernizations. Our job was to highlight the flexibility of their material using 3D modelling of the prosthetic body parts and showcasing how they can be game-changing. Hence, we came up with a 3D video for Simona that can be easily explained to patients and companies alike.


It is truly said that one cannot judge a book by its cover. The same goes for our client’s medical equipment can’t be evaluated without observing their performance on different body types and requirements. Thus, we decided to display different types of products in the form of 3D models. After separately modelling each product type, we presented them on the mannequin, so that the producer can easily explain the use of this medical plastic equipment for each body part.


The client received a 3D animated product presentation that enabled him to showcase all the different product functionalities and their benefits. Through this 3D animation, one can figure out how a certain body part is going to respond and work in tandem with the existing ones.