Weber Circular



The larger the product is, the more it becomes important to define its characteristics because not all things can
be left to the imagination. This particular creation – circular tanks – is very diverse, depending upon the requirement raised
by a customer. Our client’s goal was to demonstrate how this tank works and why is it an optimum choice for both indoor and
outdoor purposes. But how?


The product needed a clear and concise demonstration so that whoever is using it irrespective of their age and gender, can grasp the concept and get it installed easily. It is because once a customer buys this tank, they need to manage its upkeep. Moreover, if the client wants to explain this product to their team, it can be done with a single click through our interactive ideas. Thus, we created the 3D models of all the products, along with the simulation of the production process. We did so by synchronizing the animation and the voiceover in 2 different languages (English and German) based on the targeted markets.


Creating a 3D presentation, which would show the advanced production technologies and pumping methods the client uses, to showcase at an industrial fair without the need to bring along the actual product. If anyone is interested to buy, they can simply watch our video and decide on the spot.