VR Kitchen



One of our clients wanted to showcase their product in a way that’s interactive and efficient. The requirement was concise – communication is the most authentic part of any project and theirs should convey the same message with the right tone and voice. Once a customer decides to invest in their product, they should experience a unique way of storytelling through 3D modelling and virtual reality.


We took an innovative approach and created a VR application for the customers who visited the showroom. We selected and prepared a part of the client’s space for an immersive VR experience. Using the application, customers can quickly and easily choose the desired kitchen layout and by selecting the pre-defined elements, create the kitchen they want. The VR kitchen application contains all the available elements, materials, appliances and accessories that our client offers.


Through our VR app, the client received a new form of communication with their customers, which drastically reduced the possibility of misunderstanding during the project initialization. This led to more project initiations. Leading them to find comprehensive yet simplified ways of selling the product. It leaves no space for confusion and mismanagement, which
is exactly what our client wanted.